The Agony of Being
Connected to Everything
in the Universe [what?]

by Andrew Boyd [who?]
jan '02 • w.w.norton

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Embracing your inner corpse

This thing called corpse we dread so much is living with us here and now.

In each of us is an inner corpse struggling to be exhumed. Unlike the corpse you will one day become, this shadow corpse is alive. It is the living presence of Death that you carry within you. It is more than your certain knowledge of death's ultimate triumph; it is your portal to nothingness, the other ocean of being. If you can find the courage to unearth and embrace your inner corpse, you can lead a more vivid, authentic and triumphant life. But if you keep your inner corpse buried away, you live a great lie. You distort your search for truth into a project of false immortality. You deny the most solemn core of your being, condemning yourself to premature cheerfulness. To the outside world you might seem healthy, happy, and successful--but, your inner corpse might just as well be dead.

My inner corpse is not dead.


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